On 23 January Armenia celebrates the lover's day

This year the day of lovers named after St. Sarkis, the Armenian St. Valentine, will be celebrated on January 23. 

Saint Sarkis is an Aremnian patron and defender of all lovers. In ancient times this holiday was very popular, especially among young people. The holiday has not an exact date, because it is associated with a day of Lent and Easter. It is celebrated from January 18 until February 23, exactly 63 days before the Easter. The holidays starts in Monday with fasting, during which it was forbidden to eat foods of animal origin. Fasting ends on Friday with a cup of  sweet water or water with honey. In the evening the young ate very salty biscuits and fell asleep, hoping to dream their future bride or groom with a cup of water. On the windowsill people put a tray of millet for St. Sarkis to visited them and to leave a trail of horse's hooves on the tray. Young people wake up in the morning and hurry to share stories about their dreams. Today, the day of St. Sarkis is celebrated very active in Armenia. On this day, on the streets you can see a lot of young people who are in a hurry with gifts for a meeting with their loved ones.