On 17 March took place the presentation of "StoneLand Travel" in Moscow

On 17 March took place the long-awaited presentation of our company in Moscow.

The place was selected the Pavilion Armenia of "VDNH".We counted on the participation of up to 80 guests, but to our surprise was attended by more than 100 representatives of tour companies. During the presentation we provided detailed information of tourism spheres in Armenia and information about all the services provided by our company. The event lasted about 2 hours. During the presentation, various questions were discussed concerning the provided hotel services, attractions, ski resort and many other services provided by Stone Land in Armenia. Then started the long-awaited quiz, during which those guests who correctly answered the questions were presented with souvenirs and the famous Armenian cognac. After that, everyone was invited to the buffet for tasting national sweets, Armenian brandy and wine. Guests shared their views on the development of tourism in Armenia, exchanged information and discussed further cooperation conditions.

After a hard day of work, we had a little time to walk in Moscow, take shots on the Red Square, and of course, to taste the famous Moscow ice cream "plombir"!