Armenia Health SPA

The "Armenia Health SPA" sanatorium meets all international standards in terms of the traditional features of the resort zone and latest technologies in medical care. 
Sanatorium’s building will immediately attract your attention - it is a classical Armenian architecture style monumental building. This is the most famous and distinguished sanatorium in the Republic.

It is necessary to carry out healing process in a comfortable atmosphere. Our sanatorium will provide the best that could complement your pastime: first-class health-improving hotel complex with comfortable rooms, and infrastructure – bar, Wi-Fi internet. The resort with a picturesque and romantic landscape will produce a calming effect on you, being not only a place for healing of ailments, but also for recreation. You will be carried away and charmed by mysterious and secluded corners of surrounding Sanatorium Park, romantic peaks of mountains and hills, ancient monasteries and temples. Health-giving mineral water, proven and effective treatment methods, pleasant atmosphere, and also entertainment and educational activities will satisfy taste of every guest. Sanatorium treatment package includes external and internal use of thermal water, nutritional care, climatic, physiotherapeutic procedures, fitness and regimen.
Sanatorium is intended for 120 people and functions all the year round.  

The price includes 3 time meals a day

Room Type


01.06–30.09 2016




45000 AMD

30000 AMD


70000 AMD

50000 AMD

Senior Suite I class Single

80000 AMD

50000 AMD

Senior Suite I class Double

100000 AMD

70000 AMD

Senior Suite II class Single

10000 AMD

70000 AMD

Senior Suite II class Double

12000 AMD

90000 AMD

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