Gastronomic Tour

Armenian cuisine is one of the oldest cuisines in Europe and the oldest in the Caucasus. Armenians were dominated by bread baking and fermentation processes almost 2,500 years ago. Many recipes of the dishes that have a history of centuries, such as armenian barbecue-khorovats, dolma, kyufta, spas, tan, lavash, gata, ghapama and many others has remained unchanged. During this tour we will introduce you not only many beautiful sights of Armenia, but also the most popular and tasty dishes and drink of our national cuisine. For gourmands, who appreciate the delicious food, this is an excellent choice!

Day 1.
Arrival to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, one of the ancient cities in the world. A brief sightseeing city tour and hotel check-in.

Day 2. Introduction to Armenian history and familiarization with Yerevan (Matenadaran, the State Museum of History of Armenia; Lunch: Bread with herbs (zhingalov hats). Armenian Genocide Museum, Cafesjian Center for the Arts; Dinner Kerusus).
Breakfast in the hotel. Visit to Matenadaran, a scientific research institute, named after the founder of the Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtots which is a unique repository of ancient Armenian manuscripts in its kind.  For a more thorough acquaintance with the history of Armenia, we will visit the National History Museum of Armenia, which carries visitors into the most distant past. Coins of two thousand years, jewelry, rugs, household items of ancient Armenians - all of this and much more constitutes the exposure of the museum (nearly 400,000 exhibits). A brief pause for lunch, during which time you will enjoy an unforgettable taste of bread with herbs (zhingalov hats). In Karabakh cuisine it is a pie stuffed with greenery of various herbs (25 species) widespread there. "Zhingalov hats" – is an integral part of the cuisine of Karabakh, and now it gradually turning into a brand dish being a "visiting card of Karabakh”. After lunch, we will visit the museum and memorial to the victims of the Armenian Genocide carried out by Ottoman Turkey in 1915. A visit to the Cafesjian Center for Arts, which is one of the most advanced Centre for Contemporary Art in the world. During the dinner you will enjoy the Kerusus dish. Kerusus is a primordially Armenian dish and is translated into English as "eat and be quiet". Kerusus has a divine taste, and therefore, by eating it, one want to just keep silent and enjoy its delicious taste indeed. Back to the hotel.

Day 3. The Hripsimeh Church,  the Cathedral of Echmiadzin. Lunch: Kyufta. The Zvartnots Temple, the Mother Armenia Memorial. Dinner: Spas, Ghapama.
Breakfast in the hotel. Today, our journey starts with a tour of the so-called "Armenian Vatican" – Echmiadzin city. The first stop is St. Hripsimeh church (618 AD), which is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Next we will visit the Cathedral of Echmiadzin, the center of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the residence of the Supreme Patriarch and the Catholicos of All Armenians. There is also a museum where stores various relics, including the Spear of Longinus and particle of Noah’s Ark inside the cathedral. During the lunch we will visit the local national center and enjoy a Echmiadzin kyufta with pilaf of emmer wheat which is traditional for this area. The next stop is the ruins of Zvartnots temple - which means "Temple of Vigil Angels” which is translated from the ancient Armenian; the temple is the early medieval Armenian architecture. It was built by the Catholicos Nerses III the Builder in 640-650 years. The Byzantine emperor Constants II attended a ceremony of the colossal temple consecration, and then wished to build the same in Constantinople. We will come back to Yerevan and visit the monument "Mother Armenia", which was built in honor of the Soviet victory in Great Patriotic War. There you are offered the panoramic views of the evening Yerevan. Today’s dinner will consist of Armenian traditional fermented dairy soup - Spas and the original dish Ghapama. Ghapama - is a dish of pumpkin stuffed with rice and dried fruits which is baked in the oven. Return to the hotel.

Day 4. Gegard Monastery complex, the Sun God’s pagan temple of Garni. Baking pita bread(lavash). Dinner: Harissa. Supper: Armenian dolma.
Breakfast in the hotel.  Our journey starts with a small stop at the arch named after the famous Armenian poet Yeghishe Charents, with views of the Biblical Mount Ararat. Then we are heading to the monastic complex Geghard (IV century).This unique architectural construction is included in the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage. The full name – is Gegardavank, literally - "The spear monastery". The name of the monastery complex comes from the spear of Longinus that pierced the body of Jesus Christ on the Cross, and, allegedly, brought to Armenia by Apostle Judas Thaddaeus. Now the spear is exhibited in the Museum of Echmiadzin. Our next goal is the Sun God’s pagan temple, which is in the neighboring village - Garni. Temple of Garni - the only preserved monument in Armenia belonging to the era of paganism and Hellenism. Near the temple are preserved the remains of an ancient fortress (76) and the royal palace, as well as the bath house which was built in the III century. Next we will have a dinner in a rural environment, and taking part in the national pita bread (lavash) baking in а tonir. During the dinner we get to know an extraordinary Armenian dish of chicken and wheat, which Armenians call Harissa. After the dinner break we will return to Yerevan, where will have a little walk around the city center and free time. Hereinafter we will have supper, the main dish is the famous Armenian dolma (stuffed grape leaves with ground meat) with sauce of matsun. Back to the hotel.

Day 5. Khor Virap, winery "Areni"; Dinner: Kulegesh, local fish. Noravank, Supper: Khashlama.
Breakfast in the hotel. Our journey begins with a visit to the Khor Virap monastery. It is known for its location at the foot of the biblical Mount Ararat, where, according to legend, appeared Noah on the ark after the Flood. The monastery is situated over the subsurface prison where, according to legend, the Armenian king Trdat III kept in captivity St. Gregory the Illuminator for about 15 years, before it was converted to Christianity in 301 AD Our next stop is Noravank Monastery, which dates back to the XIII century. It is one of the most beautiful medieval buildings in Armenia. Our dinner break following in the village of Areni winery, where wine is made from the same grape variety for thousands of years. During the dinner we familiarize with Kulegesh (a dish of lentils with matsun and fried onions), prepared according to the ancient Armenian recipe and also a local fish prepared by traditional recipes. In the afternoon we will visit the winery and see the process of wine production with degustation of different varieties of locally produced wines. Return to the hotel. The main dish of today's supper will be the Armenian khashlama. Khashlama – is a combination of lamb with vegetables. This dish is not only very delicious and dietary, but also easy to prepare: in a saucepan is prepared both a meat and a vegetable garnish to it. Back to the hotel.

Day 6. Tsaghkadzor, Kecharis, Dinner: Khash. Ropeway. Supper: chicken barbecue garnished with rshta.
Breakfast in the hotel. Departure to the popular ski and climatic resort of Tsaghkadzor (literally "valley of flowers"). Here we will visit the monastery complex of Kecharis (XI-XIII cc.), which was one of the major spiritual center of Armenia and had his own school. Today we’ll have dinner a bit earlier, as we will have tasting of one of the oldest Armenian dishes - Khash. The name “khash” came from the word cooking. It was served as a ritual meal and it in large quantities both and ritually and during friendly feasts. Khash mainly is eaten early in the morning. Together with Khash the table is served with a radish, a crushed garlic, herbs, pickles, dried pita bread (lavash) and certainly vodka. In the afternoon check in hotel in Tsakhkadzor and time to rest. Next we expect a climb up the Tsaghkadzor ropeway (1 line, the length of 1137 m.). On top of the mountain you can enjoy all the beauty of the Armenian highlands. During the meal you will enjoy the chicken barbecue garnished with rshta. Rshta - is the name of the Armenian homemade noodles. Preparation of the it is a ritual. The housewives of several houses gathered together, put the dough, rolled it out, cut into thin long strings and hung to dry in the sun. The whole process was accompanied by songs, dances and of course the delicious rustic snacks. Back to the hotel.

Day 7. Sevan Lake, the Sevanavank Monastery, Lunch: Fish barbecue. Brandy Factory "Ararat". Dinner: traditional pork barbecue.
Breakfast in the hotel. Visiting Sevan Lake, which is situated at an altitude of 1900 m above sea level, it has an area of 1240 square kilometers and a depth of 83 m. Besides the lake and the surrounding mountains, the most famous landmark of the coast is considered to be the Sevanavank Monastery in the north-west of the lake, which is our next stop point. Initially, it was located on the island, but over the years the water level dropped, and the land was joined with an island with the Isthmus, and the monastery found himself standing on the peninsula. After the we will enjoy our dinner - the Sevan fish barbecue in the restaurant overlooking the "blue-eyed" Sevan. After the dinner we will return to Yerevan, where will have a tour to the famous legendary Ararat Yerevan Brandy Company, which products have repeatedly been honored with medals at various international exhibitions. Knowingly as a recipe for longevity, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill recommended: "Never be late for dinner, smoke Hawaiian cigars and drink Armenian cognac." Return to the hotel. A farewell supper in one of the Armenian picturesque tavern where you will enjoy the most important and favorite dish of all Armenians, the pork barbecue, enjoy live music and dancing. Back to the hotel.

Day 8.
Breakfast in the hotel. Check-out from the hotel. Airport shuttle service.

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